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Meet Attorney Melissa Torto

In the past two generations, advances in medical technology and treatment have allowed many more couples who previously would have been unable to bear a child on their own to become parents. At the same time, marginalized groups, including same-sex couples or other members of the LGBTQ+ community, have been granted greater legal freedom to raise children free of the threat of custody battles or other unjust impediments to their ability to parent.

Assisted reproduction attorney Melissa Torto, founder of the Law Office of Melissa L. Torto, LLC, understands the legal complexity of reproductive arrangements that fall outside of traditional channels. She has a background in complex contractual aspects of family law, including serving on the Executive Board of the Suffolk University Transnational Law Review during law school and publishing an article detailing aspects of international child custody rights under the Hague Convention in the journal.

You can learn more about Melissa’s professional background by clicking on the profile link below:

Helping Clients Throughout The Assisted Reproductive Technology Process

Melissa is dedicated to helping clients navigate parenthood enabled by assisted reproductive technology (ART). Her entire practice is focused on helping future parents resolve legal issues related to:

From her office in Boston, Melissa works with clients from around the United States. She can help you investigate the laws surrounding surrogacy and ART in your state and can walk you through various scenarios to determine which pathway to parenthood is best for you and your partner. She does not handle litigation related to assisted reproduction, although she can make referrals to qualified counsel if that becomes necessary.

Expand Your Family Safely And Enjoy Legal Peace Of Mind

Trust the founder of the Law Office of Melissa L. Torto, LLC, to guide you through each stage of surrogacy, so your mind can be at ease and ready to welcome a new life into the world. To schedule your initial online consultation, call Melissa’s office in Boston at 617-440-2071 or use the online intake form on this site to get started.