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How A Lawyer Can Smooth The Road To Successful Surrogacy

If you want to parent a child, and you and your partner cannot conceive a child together, or you are single, surrogacy is one path among many available to you. While assisted reproductive technology has made the medical aspect of this choice safer and more successful, legally it is a complex and potentially difficult journey.

Attorney Melissa Torto, founder of the Law Office of Melissa L. Torto, LLC, advises clients who desire to become parents via surrogacy. From her office in Boston, she advises clients nationwide on the best ways to structure surrogacy contracts, to ensure parental rights are respected, and to avoid liability during or after the pregnancy. She works with families from all walks of life, including same-sex couples.

Steps To Creating A Strong Surrogacy Agreement

Each set of future parents who meet with Melissa brings a unique set of circumstances to the table. She advises them and helps chart a path to parenthood, taking into consideration factors such as the following:

  • The state laws in the area where the surrogate will deliver the baby – some states are friendly to surrogate pregnancies, and others are less so.
  • The enforceability of surrogate contracts in the state in which the surrogate plans to deliver the baby.
  • State laws and court decisions related to compensation for a surrogate’s expenses during the pregnancy.
  • Whether the pregnancy will be achieved utilizing donated eggs or embryos.
  • Whether the state in which the surrogate delivers allows “pre-birth orders” that establish parentage for the couple.
  • If any other steps will need to be taken to ensure that the intended parents of the child will be recognized legally.

If you or your potential surrogate live in a state with unfavorable laws related to surrogate parenting, it is essential to talk to an attorney to determine what your options are. This ensures that all your safeguards are in place before the pregnancy begins and minimizes the possibility of costly and emotionally painful litigation.

Call 617-440-2071 For Trustworthy Counsel On Surrogacy

Partnering with an experienced surrogacy law attorney can ease your stress and allow you to prepare for the birth of your child. Contact attorney Melissa Torto at her office in Boston for an online consultation by calling 617-440-2071. You may also use this site’s online contact form to send her a message.