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Facilitating The Egg Donation Process

Parents come in all shapes, sizes and genders. Some are not able to contribute an egg that can be fertilized to begin a successful pregnancy. If this describes your situation as an intended parent, discussing your situation with Melissa Torto, the founding attorney of the Law Office of Melissa L. Torto, LLC, can ensure you undergo the egg donation process in a manner that is safe, ethical and legal.

Melissa is an experienced egg donation lawyer and has helped families with a wide range of assisted reproductive technology issues, including surrogacy arrangements. Her entire law practice is devoted to helping intended parents complete their family. Based in Boston, Melissa can work with clients anywhere in the United States.

Why Do We Need An Egg Donation Contract?

One of the primary ways in which Melissa works with clients seeking to use an egg donor is by drafting contracts that cover all aspects of the process, including:

  • Explicitly defining the roles and responsibilities of all parties
  • Ensuring that the intended parents will be recognized as the legal parents of any child resulting from the fertilization of the donated eggs
  • Terminating the egg donor’s ownership/parenting rights
  • Discussion of how communication will proceed if the intended parents would like an open egg donation process

As with other elements of assisted reproduction, attempting a pregnancy that includes a donated egg without legal guidance can lead to potential and unknown parental litigation down the road. Discussing your plans with Melissa can help you feel more confident that your journey as parents will bring you joy and excitement, not worry or confusion.

Learn More About Best Practices For Egg Donation Contracts

Melissa is happy to answer your questions about egg donation law at an online consultation. To schedule your appointment, call her office at 617-440-2071 or send her a message using the online contact form on this website.