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Legal Assistance With Embryo Donation Questions

Achieving parenthood via an embryo donation benefits couples who lack a source of viable sperm, eggs, or both, to achieve a pregnancy. One member of the couple may carry the child if they are able to experience pregnancy, or the child may be carried by a surrogate. Given the number of choices available in embryo donations, it is especially critical to have all legal matters thoroughly examined before the donation happens.

Attorney Melissa Torto, founder of the Law Office of Melissa L. Torto, LLC, devotes her entire law practice to assisting couples seeking to become parents through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). She has extensive experience with drawing up contracts for surrogate pregnancy arrangements, egg donations and embryo transfers. While she is based in Boston, she serves clients across the country and is familiar with state and local laws surrounding ART.

Considerations When Drafting An Embryo Donation Contract

Melissa typically represents the intended parents in embryo donations – that is, the couple receiving the donation. Regardless of her client’s role in the process, she strives to develop embryo donation contracts that address all of the following:

  • Spelling out the roles and expectations of each person mentioned in the contract
  • Clarifying who the intended parents are for a child resulting from a successful pregnancy using the embryos
  • Statements of health for the embryos and the person who will carry the pregnancy
  • Releasing the embryo donor(s) (sperm and egg donors) and the pregnancy surrogate from parental rights
  • The degree of openness between the embryo donors and the intended parents before and after the child is born
  • The number of embryos being donated and what will happen to embryos that are not used
  • Resolutions for identified risks, liabilities or legal challenges to the process

Choosing to become parents via embryo donation is a big step. You can rely on Melissa to be knowledgeable, sensitive and supportive during this time. She is happy to answer questions you may have about the process.

Put Your Parenting Plans In The Hands Of An Experienced, Compassionate Lawyer

Turn to Melissa Torto for trustworthy reproductive law advice delivered in a calm, kind and friendly manner. Call 617-440-2071 to request an online consultation, or send a message using the online intake form on this site.